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Park Ranger, Elowyn

Hello there! I'm Elowyn, daughter of Mayor Truly Whitlock. This is my first blog entry, so I'll talk a little about myself. I manage the Hollybrook regions, so if you ever need assistance you can always come to me. I enjoy exploring sims, shopping the latest, taking pictures, playing games, spending time with my family, and breeding Kreatures! I'm really excited to be apart of the blog, so you will see a lot of me here. A fun thing about Hollybrook is there are so many things to do here, so today I chose to be Park Ranger, why not?! I look forward to all the fun things I can do with this blog. Keep a look out for new posts!

♥Elowyn Whitlock

Today's Look ----

Hat: Grasshopper St. Victorian Pith Helmet Plain - Ivory

Hair: Doux - Lia Hairstyle

Top: .miss chelsea. Emmy Top White

Shorts: Asteria "Rain" Short Ivory

Boots: Sheba Dakota (MotherEarth)

Pose: Lyrium. Ria Idle Stands Breathing Poses

Body: eBODY - Reborn


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