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Hollybrook: Meet The Team!

Allow me to introduce the Hollybrook team! We are a group of highly dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to our community. With years of experience and a deep passion for their work, our team is committed to delivering the best community, events, and services for our residents. We are proud of the reputation we have built for ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy team, and we look forward to continue our work to make Hollybrook the best place to live!


Meet the Owner

Name: Truly Whitlock

Zodiac: Virgo ♍︎ (explains a lot)

Job Title: Janitor .... (ok Mayor/Owner)

Duties: I design the landscaping and decorating on Hollybrook and get my gardening team (the managers) to help me plant things. A lot of my job is behind the scenes in spreadsheets or in communication with other business owners to work out ways to bring more things to our community.

Why I like my position: I used to enjoy creating spaces for my friends and family to enjoy. But with Hollybrook I get to create spaces that my bigger Hollybrook Community family can enjoy. I am doing what I love every day and meeting many people who have found happiness and peace in spaces that I have curated, I love that.

Why I love living in Hollybrook: I love it because it is peaceful and beautiful to look at and really... I don't go many other places in SL anymore other than to shop weekend sales and events. I like being able to walk around the neighbourhood and bump into people who like similar things to me. It has a good vibe.


Meet the Estate Manager

Name: Elowyn Whitlock

Zodiac: Libra ♎︎, though this must be in retrograde, because I'm terrible at balancing.

Job Title: Estate Manager

Duties: I do a bit of dabbling in everything! I help to see things are moving along, I see to tenants when they move onto the region, and to be there for any questions they may have. I keep track of prims, help with landscaping and decorating, and I take photos for the vendors and advertisement. I'm mostly here to help Truly bring her visions to life, and make sure she's on track.

Why I like my position: It gives me so much creative output. I have always had creative talents in sl, but no real rhyme or reason to them, but this job gives me a space to explore all of them. Its my favorite job I've ever had, rl or sl.

Why I love living in Hollybrook: It feels like an actual home town, I even get home sick for it. Its beautiful and the community here is amazing. People here become my friends and family. I'm not alone in feeling at home here, and that makes me love it even more, knowing that it brings others as much joy as it does Truly and I.


Meet the Assistant Manager

Name: Alex Monetello

Zodiac: Pisces ♓︎ so the blubby fish sign.

Job Title: Assistant Manager

Duties: I'm the assistant manager and event coordinator at Hollybrook! I basically do whatever Truly and Elowyn want me to do. I create and run community events in Hollybrook, and also help welcome the new residents to the sim and help with any questions or maintenance needed.

Why I like my position: I love doing events, decorating and putting something together for other's to see. I really also like showing off Hollybrook to friends and potential residents! This is a place I'm proud of and I know Truly and Elowyn are as well.

Why I love living in Hollybrook: I like living in Hollybrook because of how beautiful it is and how friendly the staff are. My first day ever joining, I fell in love with one of the homes and bought it and was immediately contacted by Elowyn, where she welcomed me and let me know that she's always available if I need any help. They are both so kind, and so fun to work with. They also make the experience even better for not only me, but all of the community. I also love the other residents! I've made friends with many of them and getting to see their houses and interact with them on a daily basis makes me love getting on SecondLife.


Meet the Reporter

Name: James

Zodiac: Aries ♈︎

Job Title: Hollybrook Reporter

Duties: My duties include taking pictures of events, the community, and the local residents and covering any exciting things that happen! I write for the Hollyblog and hope to make a difference with my posts.

Why I like my position: Being a reporter allows me to connect with the people and events in the Hollybrook community. It allowes me get to meet new people and learn about their stories and experiences. This definitely creates a sense of belonging and connection to the community, which is fun and very fulfilling.

Why I love living in Hollybrook: Not only do I enjoy the beautiful scenery that Hollybrook has to offer, but I love living in a community where it feels like everyone cares. So many of the residents show up to our events and really seem to care for one another which, being relatively new to SecondLife it has been hard to find that anywhere else. I love my house and the freedom I have with everything, and I also own a Pet Grooming Salon in the town! All in all, it is a very nice and well rounded place to live.


At the moment this is all of us, but we are always expanding our community and I'm sure we will be adding more to our team as time goes on! We hope you have learned a little more about us, and you are more than welcome to stop by Hollybrook and ask us any questions that you have!


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